Sunday, September 4, 2011

Demonic by Ann Coulter

Ann Coulter is very funny, very smart, very quick witted, and very sarcastic. She's a dish enjoyed in small bites. But, her 295-page book Demonic: How the Liberal Mob is Endangering America is almost too short. Her basic thesis is this: the left operates from a mob mentality and its leaders want nothing more than to get out in front and lead the mob.
Her somewhat off-putting title comes from Mark 5:2-9 in which Jesus asks a demon his name while casting him out of a man. The demon replies, "My name is Legion, for we are many." Mobs are demonic and their father is Satan, the father of lies. It sounds over-the-top until reading her book. She makes a powerful case for fearing and fighting the left when we see it through this prism.
Relying heavily on the book The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind written by Gustave Le Bon in 1896, Coulter repeatedly cites his description of a mob and then gives examples of today's left that perfectly match it. 
Mobs react to images, not words and carful reasoning. There is a reason that a good liberal's car can be covered in bumper stickers. That's how they think - in bumper stickers. Many instantly come to mind: War is not the answer, Meat is murder, Make love not war, Love your mother (earth), Save the planet. Yet conservatives are rarely able to boil down their carefully thought out and researched positions into a few catchy phrases. (Although I myself have a "The bigger the government, the smaller the citizen" sticker on my car and I want to submit "Liberals feel good, Conservatives do good" to Dennis Prager for his next offering.) The left offers images continually instead of reasoned positions. Bush drove the car into the ditch. How do you argue with that? No he didn't. What car? What ditch? Was it on the way to a Cash for Clunkers deal? Who dug the ditch? No discernible, arguable, facts are given, just easy to grasp images.
Another characteristic of the mob/left is its desire to create messiahs. Having rejected the real one, they worship Stalin, Mao, Castro, Obama. Democrats are "rock stars." Name one conservative "rock star." Even Reagan had his contemporaneous detractors, and even today, while praised, has never been elevated to god-like.
Mobs live comfortably with contradictions. Only the left can demonize the right as hating women because it takes a pro-life position, and yet rush to defend any Muslim terrorist, despite the fact that they actually DO hate women. It is the left that fights for free speech to the death, but implements Orwellian speech codes at colleges and disrupts conservative speakers. It is the left that bows to Al Gore's desire to radically curb energy consumption while caring not a whit that his home uses 20 times more energy than the average American home. It is the left that looks to the race-hustling, lying Al Sharpton as a voice of reason and sanity. 
Despite the fact that the worst examples of racism in this country were perpetuated by Democrats, the left has been able to champion itself as the defenders of Civil Rights. Democrats fought and died to protect slavery. Democrats implemented Jim Crow laws. Democrats stood at the schoolhouse doors and kept out black children. Democrats filled the sheets of the KKK. Yet when the people of the United States moved away from racism toward a more egalitarian society, Democrats switched on a dime and rewrote their history. It is to blacks enduring shame that they have bought this. Lyndon Johnson, himself a documented racist, signed the 1964 Civil Rights act, despite voting against all the previous acts, and in true narcissistic fashion promoted himself as a lover of blacks. And blacks have voted Democrat ever since.
Mobs easily swallow and believe myths. The left in America has no shortage of myths they promote in order to lead the mob straight to the voting booth. Black congressional leaders were spat on and called the n-word while walking through a group of Obamacare protestors. A $100,000 reward was offered for any kind of proof. Despite an overwhelming number of video cameras at the scene, no one collected the prize. Yet the myth endures. Referring to Obama, someone yelled "Kill him" at a Sarah Palin rally. After being thoroughly researched by the Secret Service and found incorrect, the myth lives. Coulter lists a page and a half of other myths promulgated by the left: Global warming, Global cooling, Tawana Brawley, Alar on apples causes cancer, the explosion of heterosexual AIDS. Since they never admit they were wrong, myths carry no risk and are one of the most powerful tools in the hands of the mob leaders.
Mobs run to conspiracies. Gas prices are high because of a conspiracy. JFK was killed in a conspiracy. Every Michael Moore movie. Reagan plotted with the Iranians not to release the hostages until after he took office. Despite conspiracy after conspiracy being debunked, the left clings to the lack of evidence of being evidence of how good the conspiracy is. The right has... birthers. Yet no serious and high positioned Republican has ever publicly subscribed to that. 
Coulter spends a considerable part of her book chronicling the mob-run French Revolution with the reasoned/God-based American Revolution. The left would like to run the two together as sister revolutions, yet the facts are quite different. The French Revolution was a horrific, blood-thirsty affair with no well-stated objectives. Even its leaders were executed when they did not appear to be loyal to the mob. It ended after a few years with a dictator. Americans reasoned their way to Revolution through pamphlets, sermons, documents, and long discussions. They produced the Declaration of Independence to carefully lay out their grievances and objectives to a watching world. All the founding fathers survived into old age unless succumbing to battle wounds or disease. It ended with a healthy, functioning republic going on 236 years old.
The left, like their French forebearors, turns to violence in order to reach its goals time and again. Riots are always leftist. Always. They defend violence and criminals repeatedly. They seek to destroy faith in our justice system so they can move us away from law and order. The mob enjoys enormous power when it is willing to get violent. Yet the left will loudly denounce the right for violence in the rare case when an abortion doctor has been shot. Despite being roundly condemned by every prominent person on the right, it is the right that is called violent. Yet the left screams, "No justice, no peace." That statement alone wraps up several characteristics of the left: myths, lack of reasoning, lack of consistency, resort to violence. 
Being in front of a mob brings instant popularity. Whether you are Chris Matthews and want the ratings or Obama and want the votes, getting a mob behind you is instant success. That mobs only destroy and operate to instill fear and disorder is irrelevant to those at the top. Mobs destroyed France. Mobs will destroy America.
The mob must be stopped.

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