Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Tehran Initiative by Joel Rosenberg

I've had The Tehran Initiative by Joel Rosenberg on my library "hold" list ever since I first heard it was coming out. I'd read the first book in this series, The Twelfth Imam when it first came out and as it ended in a cliff hanger, I eagerly looked forward to the next book!

I love Joel Rosenberg's books and I believe I've read them all. He's brilliant at taking Bible end-time prophecy and integrating it into a fictional account. Many have wondered how he can be so prescient and almost predict events before they occur. He repeatedly points to the Scriptures that inspire him. It is God, not him, that is providing the blueprint to future events!

This book jumps right in where the other left off, but makes it clear to the reader who may have forgotten details from the first book just who each character is. The book moves quickly and tightly integrates events as it switches back and forth between scenes. Having such a good grasp on actual current events, Joel Rosenberg is able to write very credible scenarios, making it easy to conceive that his stories could easily find their way to the front page of the NY Times.

I couldn't put it down and I look forward to the next installment. He left us with the Twelfth Imam in charge of Iran and Israel still facing an existential threat. David's true love is unaware of his real life and all that has changed in him since his boyhood. Is the Twelfth Imam the anti-Christ? Will America stand up for Israel or will Israel stand with God alone? When is Jesus returning for His Bride? Maybe the next book, The Damascus Countdown, will offer more answers! It's going on my hold list now!

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