Tuesday, July 15, 2014

This Town by Mark Leibovich

This town by Mark Leibovich was a sad read. He chronicles the lives of the politically famous in Washington D.C. Any thought that these “public servants” are in fact, public servants, quickly goes out the window.

Although he readily admits he’s part of “This Town” and the accompanying parties, he tries to give us the outsiders view. He pokes fun at the hypocritical politicians who become lobbyists after spending their career condemning said lobbyists, the social ladder climbing types, and the adulation of  “rock star” T.V. people. 

It’s all very depressing and makes you feel like those we elect, and those who go to Washington anyways just to soak up the largess, are laughing at us rubes (read: Americans) all the way to the bank. 

I wonder if anyone actually believes what they say they believe, or are they all so superficial and materialistic?


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