Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The First Hostage by Joel Rosenberg

I enjoy Joel Rosenberg's books. I've read just about all of his fiction, as well as most of his non-fiction.  He came to my attention when he was noted for writing fiction seemingly "ripped from the headlines." He explained that the secret to his success was simply Scipture. He was following the prophecies and giving them a modern "what if?..."

While his books are interesting, they are not particularly examples of classical literature. They are fast food. This particular book, The First Hostage, is the second in a series of J.B. Collins novels. J.B. Is a hard-boiled reporter on assignment covering a peace conference in the Middle East. When the president disappears at the end of the last book, The Third Target, J.B. is right in the thick of the action.

He is with the King of Jordan, providing a witness as history unfolds. Eventually it becomes clear that the President has been taken hostage by ISIS. The forces of peace have only a couple of days to find him and save his life.

The book is exciting, but predictable. All ends well. J.B. is moving closer to giving his life to the Lord at the urging of his brother. J.B. looks to be getting the girl. Of course it doesn't really end. Like most serialized stories, this one awaits a sequel.

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