Thursday, May 26, 2011

No Clowning Around on This Issue

Esther Cepeda takes issue in her latest article with those who would go after McDonalds for using a child-friendly clown to sell junk food. She doesn't believe the clown is the problem since "No child give a hoot about clowns. Thsee days, clowns' grotesquely frightening imagery belongs to John Wayne Gacy, hard-core hip-hoppers the Insane Clown Posse and "The Simpsons" Krusty the clown."

On this point, we are in agreement. Clowns top the list of my "Seven Irrational Fears."

She does take McDonalds to task however for making their food appeal to children, decrying their mareketing campaigns "aimed at seducing children into 'lovin'' food that should be allowed to pass their lips only as a very special treat."

Good grief! Has this woman ever fed a child on a regular basis? Does she limit her children to lean meats and veggies at EVERY meal with the exception of the very rare fast-food junket? Really?

For those of us that actually feed children regularly, I for one, do not disparage the overworked, overtired, harried, on-the-go mom who makes a quick stop on her way to some sort of practice for a Happy Meal.

Go mom!


  1. M - while I agree with you on nearly everything. I have to pose opposition to one point. A very good friend of mine once sais that, 'we make time for what is important to us'. If healthy meal choices, family dinners where lively discussion takes place around a table and proper nutritional support for the growing neurons in our children's brains are important - a quick stop to McD's for a happy meal sends the wrong message to our child(ren).

    I would say, plan appropriately, pack a more nutritious snack/meal to enjoy on the road, save the $3.00 from the happy meal and drop an additional 3/4 of a gallon of gas into your car. There is certainly more fuel from the gas than the pre-packaged, poor excuse for a meal, happy meal.

    Just a slight rant of my own.

  2. You're clearly a better mom than she is.