Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Revolution by Ron Paul

I like Ron Paul. I really like Ron Paul. This book has cemented that fact for me.

I know, I know, I've heard the standard criticism. "He's out there. He's a kook. He's an isolationist. He wants to legalize drugs." But read this book and get beyond the rhetoric thrown at him. He makes a lot of sense.

Ron Paul would unite Americans under a banner of liberty, whether it's the liberty of homeschoolers or anti-war activists. He would return us to the days of self-governance which appeals to a broad swath of Americans. It's part of our inherant DNA. We live and breath liberty, but that has been lost as more and more do-gooders want to take away your liberty "for your own good."

He seeks a return to the foreign policy of our Founding Fathers - "peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations, entangling alliances with none." We should be the example, the "city on a hill" to be a model to look up to for peoples everywhere to strive for. We are not the world's policeman and we need the humily to understand that we cannot impose our values on others. As to the charge of being an isolationist, he quotes Henry Clay, "By the policy to which we have adhered since the days of Washington... we have done more for the cause of liberty than arms could effect; we have shown to other nations the way to greatness and happiness...Far better is it for ourselves... and the cause of liberty, that, adhering to our pacific system and avoid the distant wars of Europe..." Rather, Ron Paul states, he is not an isolationist, but a noninterventionist. It is the interventionist that seeks to send out military around the world (currently we have soldiers stationed in 130 countries!) using force to impose our views. This has not led to a more peaceful world, but a decidedly more dangerous one. Even if you disagree, this is a debate we have not had. We simply debate which foreign country to invade next.

Ron Paul understands the power of written Constitution with an onerous method of changing it. A "living" constitution is a dead constitution in that it has no power, but is constantly evolving to be whatever the powers that be want it to be. Our Constitution must stand as written and if changes are to be made, hearts and minds of Americans must be changed first. We must have consensus not dictates from unelected judges ruling from on high. Think of all the controversial problems we face today like abortion, gay marriage, or the role of the federal government. When these issues are decided by unelected, and unaccountable judges based on a new interpretation of the Constitution, turmoil remains in the country. No consensus has been reached, nor will it ever if the American people see themselves as beggars at the table of the government. Both sides will continue to fight to sway the government this way or that rather than reaching across to their fellow American and convince them with sound arguments.

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